Satu Streatfield

Senior Urban Designer

Satu Streatfield is a Senior Urban Designer and has particular experience in the design and evolution of both public and private space, and the way in which people experience and appropriate it. 

Satu trained as an architectural lighting designer and has worked on a wide variety of public and private projects within the retail, heritage, public realm and art sectors, for commercial clients, developers, local authorities, charities and community organisations. 

Before joining Publica she spent almost a decade at Speirs + Major, including five years leading a team that specialised in public realm lighting and focusing on a range of lighting strategies, masterplans and public realm projects in the UK. and abroad. Satu has conducted nightwalks around London for LSE Cities, the Wellcome Trust and the City of London and has given lectures in the UK and abroad, on light art and design, public lighting, and cities at night, and has written for urban design press. She has delivered training sessions for Natural England, primary school children and local authorities and been closely involved with academic researchers to help promote a more open dialogue around and understanding of the governance and social aspects of public lighting.