Luma Ifram

Urban Designer

Luma is an Urban Designer at Publica. She is currently part of the team producing a detailed Neighbourhood Plan for a major landowner in London’s West End, building upon Publica’s analysis and studies to develop principles and strategies for the masterplan. 

Prior to working at Publica, Luma worked at CoopHimmelb(l)au in Vienna, where she worked on a pedagogical experiment to test modes of knowledge transfer in civic city making. The research resulted in an exhibition and symposium launched at the 2017 Tate Exchange.

Luma completed her undergraduate degree at the University of Edinburgh, and went on to study for her Part II at the Royal College of Art where she was awarded a distinction for her dissertation, Good Things Come in Threes: A Diary on Home, Writing and Curating the Everyday. Luma was nominated for the RIBA Dissertation Prize Presidents Medal. Her drawings, which were commended in the RIBA Journal Eye Line drawing competition 2015, were featured on the front cover of the RIBA Journal August 2015 edition.