Peabody update on Whitecross Street Estate Project

Peabody update on Whitecross Street Estate Project

We are pleased to give you an update on the work that Publica undertook in late 2010 at the Whitecross Street Estate in the London Borough of Islington. 

In 2007 estate owner Peabody launched IMPROVE, a ten-year programme to transform the open spaces in its estates, including Whitecross Street. To assist in this process, Publica was asked by Peabody and the local tenants’ association to create an ‘estate portrait’ to help local residents articulate their priorities for the neighbourhood’s open spaces. 

The IMPROVE project is now moving forward, with a project group currently being established by Peabody to help steer the ongoing masterplanning process. The public space principles identified through Publica’s report will form the basis of future plans and discussions.

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Date: August 15, 2012