Tonic Housing Design Charette

On 10 October 2017, Publica hosted and facilitated a design charette for Tonic Housing CIC (Tonic) to explore refining a set of site criteria for the UK’s first LGBT+ majority retirement community.

Supported by Publica’s CIC since 2015, Tonic is a social enterprise which aims to achieve a national demonstration project that challenges the anonymity often found in older people’s housing. Tonic’s vision is led by the belief that creativity, innovation, accessibility, affirmation and joy can help to tackle the isolation, fear and discrimination experienced within the community.

The design charette’s purpose was to focus debate about project priorities and opportunities in a low-risk, structured environment; intended as a ‘dry run’ in advance of key decisions that Tonic will make about the development in the near future, including the selection of a suitable site.

We were overwhelmed by the enthusiasm to participate from our invited guests. The group of experts that attended the charette represented a broad cross-section of designers, developers and thinkers, all with extensive knowledge of the culture and constraints within which Tonic's vision will be realised.

The evening was structured around a series of exercises that allowed participants to produce a set of key design considerations for Tonic to use in their search for a suitable site. 

Attendees were representatives from architecture and design firms, including Pollard Thomas Evans, Duggan Morris Architects, Niall McLaughlin Architects, Jonathan Tuckey Designs, and Adam Khan Architects; and specialist researchers, including Veracity/Dubishere.

Posted in: Projects
Date: October 16, 2017