Lucy Musgrave Night time Commission role

Lucy Musgrave has been appointed to sit on the Mayor of London’s Night Time Commission.

The Night Time Commission has been appointed to assist in the realisation of the Mayor’s Vision for London as a 24-Hour City which sets out the Mayor’s plan to turn London into a leading 24-hour global city. The 24-hour vision strives to create a night-time culture which: promotes culture and leisure for all ages and interests, increases opening hours, ensures safety for residents, visitors and night-time workers and works closely with boroughs and the police to create a balanced and sustainable night time offer.

In order to achieve these aims, the Night Time Commission will investigate by consulting with London residents, evening and night workers, councils, businesses, community groups, public sector organisations and visitors to the capital.

The Commission are due to report back their findings in late 2018.

Lucy’s Musgrave said: “Let’s study our neighbourhoods and understand how they work at night. Let’s improve the way we light London at night, ‘Cities are like cats: they reveal themselves at night’, Rupert Brooke.”

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Date: October 31, 2017