Film of the Month: Utopia London

The documentary Utopia London charts, through a series of key buildings in the mid to late 20th century, the changing political and social landscape that gave rise to the architectural legacy of Modernism in London still visible today. 

The director Tom Cordell, who grew up in London, draws our attention to the social and political context that the architects worked within and how understanding the progressive political climate in post-war Britain is key to understanding their architecture. 

The highlights of the film are when the architects themselves are given the opportunity to walk a camera around their projects. Neave Brown takes a tour of Alexandra Road, George Finch of the Lambeth Towers, John Bancroft of the Pimlico School and Kate Macintosh of Dawson Heights.

Utopia London
Directed by Tom Cordell, 2010, 82mins

Watch the trailer and buy the film here.

Image: Photography by Alexander Short, © Utopia London

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Date: March 31, 2016