Film of the Month: Lost Rivers

This documentary takes you on a journey to the buried rivers of London, Brescia, Seoul, Toronto and Montreal, where it follows a growing global network of ‘urban explorers’ who delve into storm sewers, aqueducts and concrete ditches, to rediscover long-hidden waterways beneath our cities.

In London, the film introduces Jon Doe and Zero and their exploration of the River Tyburn sewer which Publica studied in detail for our project at Marylebone Lane – a buried stream which ran underground from South Hampstead to St James’s Park before finally meeting the Thames.

Moving on, we meet Dave Webb, who is leading plans to restore 15km of London’s rivers in order to protect the city from the potential devastating effects of flooding – brought about by climate change. Webb leads us to the once-buried River Quaggy, where parts of which have now been transformed into a natural oasis and flood plain.

The film features interviews with these urban explorers, historians and city planners; who together retrace the history of these lost urban rivers and advocate efforts to bring them back to life. 

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Directed by Caroline Bâcle, 2012, 72mins 

Image: Photo Courtesy of Icarus Films 

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Date: April 28, 2016