Film of the Month: Lift and The Road

Two films shot in London directed by Marc Isaacs

Marc Isaacs, UK, 2001, 24mins
A Portrait of Life in a London High Rise. The filmmaker Marc Isaacs installed himself in a lift in a tower block and filmed for up to 10 hours day for ten weeks. When he first appeared in the lift the discomfort was palpable, but as the residents come to trust him they reveal the things that matter to them, creating an offbeat and moving insight into the local community.

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The Road: A Story of Life and Death
Marc Isaacs, UK, 2012, 75mins
A film that gives us a fascinating insight into the lives of people who have come to London to seek a better life. Since Roman times migrants settled on the A5, the 300 mile-long lifeline connecting Anglesey to Marble Arch in central London. The film introduced us to a collage of memorable characters: a charismatic 95-year-old Jewish widow who fled pre-war Vienna; Iqbal, an Indian poet who cleans hotel rooms by day; Keelta, an Irish singer; and Bridget, a retired air hostess.

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Image: Still from 'Lift' by Marc Isaacs

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Date: January 25, 2016