West End Partnership Prosperity Group Meeting

Lucy Musgrave was invited to present Publica’s recent work on Oxford Street, (produced in collaboration with Gerald Eve and Volterra) to the West End Partnership Prosperity Group on 18 October.

Prosperity and ensuring that local people and all Londoners can see and access the benefits of greater prosperity and better life opportunities as part of a thriving and growing West End, is one of the West End Partnership’s core areas of focus. A board has been formed (the West End Partnership Prosperity Group) to oversee the delivery of relevant projects relating to prosperity and to report back to the West End Partnership’s board. The prosperity group comprises a number of representatives from owners and occupiers through to local authorities as well as Greater London Authority figures.

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Date: 19 October 2016

Publica presents to Singapore Ministerial delegation

Lucy Musgrave was invited to present Publica’s recent work at Bond Street and Oxford Street to the Business Minister for Singapore and his delegation on Wednesday 12th October.

The delegation were visiting London to meet with Business Improvement District (BID), the New West End Company, to understand more about how BIDs in the city run and the scope of some of their projects - particularly public realm works. The delegation’s primary focus was how the lessons learnt in the UK may be able to translate to BIDs which are currently being introduced in Singapore. 

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Date: 14 October 2016

Publica article in Historic England Conservation Bulletin

An article entitled ‘Restoration: infrastructure as a catalyst’ by Publica has been published in the spring issue of Historic England’s Conservation Bulletin.

This piece considers the ways in which an infrastructure project can catalyse restoration work. Publica is currently part of a team working on public realm improvements at Hanover Square, a project which illustrates this idea, as transport developments have triggered plans for sensitive changes to the entire square and the surrounding area. If you’d like to read the article you can find it here.

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Date: 17 March 2016

Bond Street Development Plan Exhibition

Publica was invited to participate in a three day exhibition (26–28 January) for the Bond Street Development Plan, hosted by New West Company. 

The public exhibition was an opportunity to show the progress of the Plan and for attendees to find out more about the proposals for Bond Street. Publica’s proposals and visualisations were on display and Alex Arestis, Urban Design Director, was in attendance to answer any questions. 

In January 2015 Westminster City Council and the New West End Company commissioned Publica to carry out a detailed audit of the current public realm conditions and develop a concept design for Bond Street. 

For more information on this event please click here



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Date: 29 January 2016

Barbican and Golden Lane Area Strategy adopted as City of London policy

Publica is delighted to announce the City of London Court of Common Council has officially adopted the Barbican and Golden Lane Area Strategy as policy. 

This follows a successful consultation period on the strategy and accompanying Vision for the City of London Cultural Hub, which was developed over a year-long process. The strategy sets out a series of recommendations and projects for improvements to the district’s public realm in light of anticipated future changes, including the arrival of Crossrail at Farringdon and Liverpool Street in 2018, and the City’s ambition to develop the area into a London-wide cultural focal point.

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Date: 3 December 2015

Bank junction to be comprehensively redesigned

Publica is delighted the City of London will be undertaking a programme of improvements at Bank Junction, a major project which will take five years to complete. 

With consent from TfL an initial “Interim Traffic Order” will be in place from late 2016. A complete redesign will then be consulted on to determine the best long-term solution, which will not only improve safety pedestrians and cyclists but also create a better public space for all users. The Corporation’s Streets & Walkways Committee will meet on 30 November to approve the start of the design process for Bank Junction.

In 2011 Publica was commissioned by the City of London to develop a public realm vision for the streets and spaces of the Bank area and to suggest positive ways in which the public realm could be improved and upgraded. The Bank Area Enhancement Strategy was then developed by Publica and adopted by City members in Summer 2013. 

Following the development of this strategy over two years of extensive work and further traffic modelling was carried out by the City of London to reach this pivotal stage in the project. 

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Date: 20 November 2015

The future of Mayfair and Belgravia

Publica is currently assisting Grosvenor in the creation of a future vision for the central London district’s of Mayfair and Belgravia. As part of this process, Publica recently convened a roundtable of international experts across a range of spatial, development, creative, and environmental disciplines to share insight, best practice and help refine the vision as it develops to its next stages.

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Date: 11 October 2015

Shaping the future of Mayfair

Lucy Musgrave has been invited to take part in a roundtable event hosted by the Royal Academy in early November. The participants, including local stakeholders, landowners and businesses will meet to discuss placemaking, the future identity of Mayfair and its role as a cultural quarter. Lucy will deliver a presentation on the current context of Mayfair to help inform discussions. An article summarising key topics and outcomes will be published in the next edition of New London Quarterly.

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Date: 11 September 2015

Publica working at Hanover Square

Publica is currently developing public realm concept designs for Hanover Square, in line with the planned opening of the Crossrail Bond Street Hanover Square station exit in 2018. The new station will see the square and its environs transformed into a primary gateway into the West End. The project follows from Publica’s 2010 work to set design and programming principles for a new courtyard space and connecting routes between Hanover Square and Bond Street, for the Hanover Square Masterplan and over-station development. Designs will consider the square’s role and potential as a key central London public space, alongside integration and links with surrounding shopping streets and retail destinations.

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Date: 16 August 2015

Tonic – a fresh approach to LGBT Older Living

Publica is delighted to be supporting Tonic, a new social enterprise looking to develop a fresh approach to LGBT older living. Over the past few months we have facilitated a series of workshops to help the Tonic team refine and test their vision as they move towards realising it. This is one of Publica’s Community Interest Company projects.

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Date: 10 August 2015

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