Bank junction to be comprehensively redesigned

Publica is delighted the City of London will be undertaking a programme of improvements at Bank Junction, a major project which will take five years to complete. 

With consent from TfL an initial “Interim Traffic Order” will be in place from late 2016. A complete redesign will then be consulted on to determine the best long-term solution, which will not only improve safety pedestrians and cyclists but also create a better public space for all users. The Corporation’s Streets & Walkways Committee will meet on 30 November to approve the start of the design process for Bank Junction.

In 2011 Publica was commissioned by the City of London to develop a public realm vision for the streets and spaces of the Bank area and to suggest positive ways in which the public realm could be improved and upgraded. The Bank Area Enhancement Strategy was then developed by Publica and adopted by City members in Summer 2013. 

Following the development of this strategy over two years of extensive work and further traffic modelling was carried out by the City of London to reach this pivotal stage in the project. 

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Date: November 20, 2015