as above so below directed by henrietta williams

Publica's new film casts an investigative eye over London's urban complexity

The new short film, As Above, So Below’, commissioned by Publica and directed by Henrietta Williams, traces London’s urban spaces, greens and waterways – from balconies and squares, down to the banks of the Thames – capturing the capital’s multi-layered, complexity. 

Screened during Clerkenwell Design Week the film describes Publica’s investigative methodology and observational approach which seeks to understand the character of the cities we live in. The film observes the theatre and drama of city life and moments of calm, played out day in, day out, in London’s urban spaces. It also functions as a visual field diary for urban designers to ask questions and investigate how people use public spaces, as well as the boundaries between different activities in the city.

The film also marks the practice’s fifth birthday celebrations in 2015.


A Publica Film Unit production
Directed and filmed by Henrietta Williams

Produced by Jessie Teggin
Edited by Simon Ball
Music by James Welland
Run time: 7 minutes 9 seconds 

Posted in: Events, Film Of The Month
Date: May 25, 2016