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National Infrastructure Commission invites Publica to explore the role infrastructure plays in the growth and success of our cities

The Publica team were invited to host a special event for the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) on 7th September 2016, curating a lively and informative session exploring the key role that infrastructure plays in the growth and success of our cities.

A range of material was presented, drawn from Publica’s innovative approach and experience on transformative projects across London, as well as the practice’s social and cultural research and detailed observational analysis.

The event explored a diverse range of subjects including the relationship between infrastructure and population growth, urbanism and the creation of truly liveable cities – as well as testing the belief that the future of successful cities lies in compact, urban growth and high quality urban neighbourhoods.

International and UK case studies were also presented, as were snapshots of challenges facing many elements of London’s infrastructure – such as re-balancing investment towards funding sustainable modes of transport, and accommodating future growth.

The aim of the event was to aid the NIC in the generation of ideas and creative, strategic thinking, on how infrastructure can remain at the forefront of making our cities more liveable, sustainable, productive and resilient.


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Date: September 12, 2016