Lucy Musgrave on Newham Design Review Panel

Lucy Musgrave on Newham Design Review Panel

Lucy Musgrave has been selected to join the Newham Design Review Panel, which evaluates and provides professional design advice on key developments in the borough. The panel, chaired by Peter Ahrends, comprises of a chair and up to six others drawn from a pool of 30 higly qualified architects and other professionals in the built enviroment. Past and present members include Amanda Baillieu, Philip Cave, Simon Child, Alessandra Cianchetta, Tom Coward, Robin Cross, Tina Frost, Daisy Froud, Susannah Hagan, Olaf Kneer, David Kohn, Alistair Lathe, Julian Lewis, CJ Lim, Jane McCarthy, Claire McDonald, Tom Muirhead, Richard Partington, Richard Portchmouth, Anthony Rifkin, Tim Ronalds, Robert Sakula, Amir Sanei, Theresa Smith, Signy Svalastoga, Andrew Taylor, Ken Taylor, Stephen Taylor and Chris Williamson.

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Date: February 17, 2012