Film of the Month: Sub City New York and Sub City Paris

 These films are two ‘visual poems’ which so eloquently capture the experience of walking out of a dark subway system, into a bright, new urban landscape. 

The filming of these subterranean journeys subtly evokes the uncertainty and curiosity that accompanies not knowing what to expect from the streets and people and traffic moving above you, as you exit each station.

The montage of shots which are collected from both Paris and New York, also give the viewer the chance to compare the very different approaches in station design –  from tiles, to railings and even the signage – and how they are able to reflect the specific character of each individual city. 
Watch Sub City Paris here

Watch Sub City New York here


Films directed by Sarah Klein and Tom Mason

Sub City New York, 2011, 2mins
Sub City Paris, 2012, 3mins

Image: Still from the film. Thanks to Sarah Klein 

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Date: May 27, 2016