Clerkenwell Screen Shorts: E215.

Clerkenwell Screen Shorts: E215.

Over the next three days, we will be posting a description of the winning and commended films from Clerkenwell Screen Shorts, as described by the filmmaker. Today, Scott Willis on his winning short, E215.

“E215. is a meditative insight into my grandmother, as she reflects on her old age. The film is an experimental documentary highlighting that beauty can still be obtained from objects once considered unfit for society. It is a poem to remember the artefacts we leave behind, an escape from urbanism.”

Publica will be screening the winning, commended and shortlisted films from Clerkenwell Screen Shorts each evening of Clerkenwell Design Week from 9-11pm. The films will be projected outwards from our window overlooking Clerkenwell Green as part of our Clerkenwell Screen project.

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Date: May 20, 2014