Publica brings research and intelligence to the process of urban change

What we do

Publica is a London-based urban design and public realm practice. We survey neighbourhoods, undertake rigourous research and work with civic-minded clients on projects to help make cities more integrated, functional and beautiful.

Who we are

Our multi-disciplinary team includes specialists in urban design, planning, policy, research, graphic design and communications. Publica is trusted for our objective, evidence-based guidance and sought after for our creative, multi-disciplinary approach to urban change.

Our impact

Publica operates at the heart of the debate about urbanism and cities. Our research and intelligence is part of an international conversation about how to make cities more efficient, integrated, vibrant and safe, and how to preserve the vitality of urban neighbourhoods in the midst of rapid growth and development. London diversity, complexity and openness to change has made it the ideal laboratory to test and develop this emerging field of practice.  

Publica was founded by Lucy Musgrave in 2010, at a pivotal moment in society’s thinking about the value of public space in cities, development and planning. Since then, our research-led visions and strategies have been adopted as urban policy and unlocked major public realm projects. As a result, Publica’s had the privilege of restoring and creatively reimagining some of London’s most significant streets and civic spaces.